How To Reinforce Your Company’s Image By Listing Yourself To Online Construction Directories?

The title of your business is an important factor when it comes to ranking in the building construction companies directory. When you have a title that is consistent across all the online construction directories, it will help you to become trustworthy as you solidify your presence in the local market.
For example, if your business is called “H&C Construction,” and in another directory listing it is referred to as “Hamilton & Calvin Construction,” there is a chance that your customers or researchers will associate them as different companies and it will definitely not prove good for your business. Always stick to one title of your business and ensure that in each online directory you decide to be a part of, you have the same name across the board.
If you are a brand new construction business, you will have a huge advantage if the name of your business describes the geography and the services you offer. For example, “H&C Texas Construction Company.”this name is more relevant and descriptive of the services and the geographical location of your firm. Always consider keywords while finalizing the name of your business.

If your business needs a change of name, you will have to inform the DBA to change your name in the online directory. You will have to inform all the DBAs of all the online directories to update the listings so that all your details are updated. As much as you may benefit from a change in business name, you will lose rankings and reviews from the old name and you will have to consider this change carefully and prepare yourself for the consequences.

Links and citations

To take a better advantage of your online listing, you also need to have a good website. You will need to have a link that points to your website in the directory you are listed.

A high-quality website with great first impression will be the selling point for your business to your target market.

Citations are mentions of the business name on web pages that are not your own. This is accompanied by your phone number and your address. A citation of your website is normally placed on online business directories even though they are not linked to it.

Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews are important to customers who are looking for the exact same services that you have to offer. A good review will make a customer either get to your website and look into the details about your services or even call you directly. Ratings and reviews are displayed in different ways across the listings. There is no question as to whether your reviews are important to the visibility of your business. The best thing about your reviews is that customers will make business decisions just by referring them.

Each online directory has its own set of rules when it comes to how reviews are placed and used.
Always note that when you have consistent data about your business across all the directory listings, it builds “trust” in the validity of your business.

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