Want to expand your construction business? Enroll for online construction directory

If you want to make it easier for people in the USA and Canada to find your construction business online, you need to get listed in an online building trades directory or a business directory for the construction industry. These are good ways to build your websites authority since directory listings increase the back-links to your website. This back-link will make your website show in several search results which will translate to leads for your construction business. This now becomes a marketing strategy you should invest in. In order to get the best value for your money, ensure that you add your business to a relevant and quality construction directory that will improve your visibility on the internet. These three steps will help you expand your business online.


Find top directories for your construction business

First of all, look at the best online directories for construction business where you would like to submit your name. Bookmark them and place them in a spreadsheet. Tabulate about 20 of them before you start tracking each web directory. The topmost construction directories are mostly the ones that get a lot of traffic. Always remember to be specific in your search, start with the industry followed by the word directory- construction directory.

Another way to look at it is by finding relevant Directory Critic and check under applicable topics in the niche section of the list. Add these also to your spreadsheet and the relevant information presented.

Local construction business in US and Canada have a wide range of directory selection to choose from. Ensure that you choose the relevant directors to make the search industry specific.

Identify quality directories

After listing them down, narrow down into the list of possible directories that are worth looking into. The high-quality directories that are safe for your business and the ones who will assist your business to be visible. To separate the top directories from the rest, I suggest you ask yourself the following questions.

What is the traffic to that directory?

It is not easy to get the information about the traffic on the website, but you can compare one’s website traffic from another by looking up the Alexa rank for each construction directory. Visit http:///www.alexa.com/siteinfo/directory.com and change the directory.com to the domain for the specific construction directory you are looking at. Place this information in a spreadsheet and analyse the traffic on these sites.

What rules does the directory have the types of websites to be added?

You will benefit more from sites that are strict in terms of just accepting websites that are in the construction industry alone. Avoid any directory website that has no rules on the specific websites allowed.

What relevant listings do they have?

Browse through the directory listing of other sites to check if they are relevant. Some websites do not adhere to these rules.

Can your business get to the first page of the construction directory?

Being on the first page will boost your website clicks. The first page is the one that has the highest priority. Try to look for the directory where you can get your business name on the first page. This obviously means going for premium construction directories. There are websites that arrange names alphabetically, so if your name starts with A, you will definitely be on the first page if few companies have names starting with A. Alternatively, you are better off with a premium website.

The final step is listing to the directory that fits these criteria and your business marketing needs.


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